Top Maintenance Tip for Your Electric and Manual Adult Tricycle

Having an adult tricycle can be an exciting experience but you need to take regular care of it so that it can be a healthy companion of you for a very long time.
All the best tricycles we have enlisted on our main review have the excellent build quality and they tend to last for a very long time.

But like all other machines, these things need your care and love. So, this article is dedicated to the maintenance, troubleshoot and daily care of your tricycle. As we have enlisted both electric and manual models, we are gonna talk about the wellbeing of both the models.

Daily Care Tips for Your Tricycle
We know that you don’t bother about these things much but talk to someone possessing an old bike yet in an excellent condition, you will know that regular and daily care of their tricycle was the key. So, here are some daily and regular care tips for you.
Every day before a ride,

• Make sure your bike is in perfect riding condition.

• Check if the tires aren’t worn out and the air pressures are perfect or in the recommended level.

• The brakes are working fine and if they do not check the brake shoes. If possible clean the brake shoes with a thin piece of cloth.

• If your brakes need a little adjustment, do it instantly. While applying the brakes put a 60/40 ratio, where 60% is the force on the front wheel and 40% on the back wheels. Keep the front bakes a little tighter so that you can do your emergency braking.

• Also, don’t just rely on a single break as there both the brakes are there for a reason and applying both together results in a better breaking. By applying a single brake pad all the time you will just make it ware faster.

• Keep a constant lookout for the condition of your brake shoe. Keep the rim or shoe housing clean.

• Before you go out, make sure that no oil is leaking from any of the suspension forks.

• The chain is one of the most important parts of the bike. Make sure that it’s clean and well lubricated. If it needs cleaning you can easily do it with a chain cleaning spray and a brush. Once you are done, just use a chain lube spray to lubricate the chain. While doing these things, wear hand gloves and protect your hand from any sort of accidents.

• Make sure that the whole bike is wobbly and every part fit is intact.

• Check if the lights are in perfect working condition.

For Electrics
• If it’s an electric, make sure that you have enough charge to go and return wherever you are going. Some of the bikes can take a lot of time to get charged up. That’s why it’s better to check every night and plug in the charger whenever necessary. All electric vehicles should be put on charge at night as it will put less pressure on the grid that way.

• Put it the key and turn the bike on. If the lights on the information cluster lights on then your bike’s good to go.

• From time to time you should physically check the battery and the wires. The battery should be properly sited inside its casing. The battery is the most vital part of an electric vehicle. You have to make sure that it’s not getting too hot while being charged. The battery should be on a waterproof environment.

• Check if all the electrical contacts are tight and secured, loose contacts will cause problems on the functionality of the bike. And finally, make sure that your bike is neat and clean. Its shine will project the image that you take good care of your bike.

This point is also important too. We have talked about the things that you need to do before getting out with your bike now, here are the things that you should know after you come back from your tips.

• Always store your tricycle under a shade. Direct sunlight will impact over its color and cause it to fade away.

• Try not to store the tricycle under extreme temperature or in a very humid place. Most of its parts are made of metal and plastics and they are not designed for such environments.

• There should be enough space around the tricycle.

• Don’t put anything heavy on top of.

• The floor should be flat so that the tricycle can’t roll.

For Electrics
• Put the thing on charge as soon as you get back and this will allow you to turn off the charging before you go to sleep.

• Make sure the charging cable is not bent and the outlet is not too far away.

• Check if both the poles on the battery are free and nothing comes between them.

• The outlet has the right voltage and current.

• Let the battery cool down before charging it. The goal here is to give your tricycle the home that it deserves.

After a certain interval, all bikes need a sort of service. Here are some tips considering that.

• Tight every nut and bolt that requires a little tightening. On time things get to loosen up and they should be tightened. Be careful here and don’t over tighten things.

• After a lot of use, your cycle will eventually get dirty and that dirt must be taken care of. You can wipe clean the bike and blow air on it. Don’t forget to oil the parts that need oiling.

• You should examine each and every part of the bike and see if they are all working fine. If you have a part that is not properly functioning, it should be replaced. Your bike shouldn’t make any noise while it’s on the road.

• Make sure that all the wheels are in proper alignment and if your bike drops or hits a pothole hard it can cause the rim to twist. Riding a bike that has the slightest bend on the rim will not be fun at all.

• Having the slightest deformity on the frame can ruin the whole bike. In most of the cases, they are not hundred percent repairable.

• On the electric bike, the battery should be changed after 2 years or 1 to 1.5 years under heavy use. While servicing the bike say about after six months or so, check all the connections and replace any wire if necessary.

We think all these top maintenance tips about the care and maintenance of your bike would be helpful for you. Let us know if you have anything to add or ask on the comment section below and we’ll get back to you.