Best Approach Shoes

For some adventure lovers, approach shoes are the best option. They are a perfect blend of hiking and climbing shoes. Without knowing them properly you will have a possibility of ending up with a pair wrong kind of shoes. That’s why we will enlist and review the best approach shoes for you so that you can get the perfect weapon of your choice.

1. Scarpa Crux – Most Practical Approach Shoes (Editor’s Pick)

If you want a pair of approach shoes that comes with ultimate practicality then you should look or read no further and get this model. The best thing about the Crux is that it’s a little bit of everything and all the features are quite trustworthy. This model is so popular among the climbers and hikers that almost all of them own more than one pair of these shoes. The aim of approach shoes is they have to be comfortable for longer walks or climbs. We think that this model is perfect for it. Even it doesn’t look that much sporty. That’s why you will be able to use the shoes for work too. If you have to work standing on your feet for a long time then it can be a wise pick for you. And if you feel like climbing a mountain after getting back from work! (Who would do that?) Then you don’t have to take your shoes off. It can take up to 200 high mountain climbs without any major issues. And you can easily go on 20 to 30 miles of hikes on a single go with the curx on.
    The Pros:
  • Jack of all trades
  • Comfortable for long use
  • Proper fit
  • The Cons:
  • Isn’t that much waterproof
Brand: Scarpa Crux
Model: CRUX-M
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions : 12 x 8 x 4 inches
Rating : 4.5 / 5.0

2. Adidas Ax2 – Hike in Style

For the ones who prefer showing off a little, a pair of Ax2 can be the best option. There are various models of the Ax2 that you can choose from and depending on your variant the shoes will perform. When it comes to performance, these shoes can take it all. The whole thing is comfortable and might be too flashy for regular day to day use. If you want a few selfies for your instagram then these are perfect. You can easily do long hikes on them but the first few trials might be a little uncomfortable. We would question its extreme use a little. There have been reports of outer sole splitting. Although you can easily attach them with glue.
    The Pros:
  • Good Looking Shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Good grip on mud
  • The Cons:
  • Comparatively lower lifespan
Brand: Adidas Ax2
Model: M18683
Weight: 4 pounds
Dimensions : 6 x 8 x 15 inches
Rating : 4.5 / 5.0

3. Five Ten Men’s Guide Tennie – Best Approach Shoes for Cycling

If you have a mountain bike and sometimes you like to ride it through the woods then give your legs a pair of Guide Tennie. These approach shoes aren’t actually for hardcore mountain climbers but it’s more focused for the hikes and bicyclists. They grip really well on the soil and have a good toe protection. But rock climbing is not that bad actually. Another great thing about the Guide Tennie is that its lightweight. Being lightweight shoes they have their benefits and disadvantages too. It’s up to you actually. This model is available in different colors and that’s a good thing actually. You can be more expressive with your shoes. All the models are made of leather and they are manmade. The combination of both these features adds a personal touch to the shoes.
    The Pros:
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Manmade with care
  • Good for riding mountain bikes
  • The Cons:
  • Not durable enough for difficult rock climbing
Brand: Five Ten Men’s Guide Tennie
Model: Guide Tennie Leather-M
Weight: 5 pounds
Dimensions : 12 x 8 x 4 inches
Rating : 4.3 / 5.0

4. La Sportiva TX3 - Perfect Approach shoes for Adventure on 2018

This one’s a hidden gem actually. We’d recommend these shoes to people looking forward to going on adventures. The TX3 is one of the most beautiful approach shoes that money can buy. It’s entirely synthetic and mass produced and available on three models. Another great feature of the TX3 is its toe box. It’s both comfortable and is committed to keeping your feet safe. As it has low profile lace, you will not be facing many issues snugly tightening your feet. We actually couldn’t find anything wrong with the gripping of the shoes. More than anything else these shoes are really comfortable. If you think you are gonna go on a little exploration on some uneven land then the TX3 should be your weapon of choice. There would be a load of your tent and other accessories on your shoulder and plus your own load that the shoes have to handle and we think it will tackle the job quite well.
    The Pros:
  • Handsome looking approach shoes
  • Good grips
  • Comfortable
  • The Cons:
  • Full synthetic
Brand: La Sportiva TX3
Model: 17U-SpOr-39.5
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Dimensions : 14 x 10 x 5 inches ; 2.88 pounds
Rating : 4.7 / 5.0

5. Oboz Men’s Firebrand II – Cheap Approach Shoes for cold weather

This is another popular model of approach shoes that has all the goods of approach shoes and comes at a reasonable price. The Firebrand II is best at keeping your feet warm. That’s why it might not be a wise pick for warm environments. Now, there have been claims from the users that it doesn’t grip that well on the wet surface. We wouldn’t completely disagree with them but even after that, they are best for treading on any kind of surface. But among all the models we have enlisted this one’s best at keeping water away from your feet. Due to the waterproofing quality of the Firebrand II, things can get a little warm inside. That makes the shoe ideal for winter time. The model is available in five colors and they don’t look too bad either. Another noteworthy thing would be their toe box what’s very great at protecting the toes but can be a bit tough at the beginning.
    The Pros:
  • Waterproof
  • Cheaper than all other quality approaches
  • Good quality lace
  • The Cons:
  • Your feet get warm
  • Here you go the top approach shoes reviewed for you. To know anything more just let us know and one of our assistants are gonna be with you soon.
Brand: Oboz Men’s Firebrand II
Model: OB00021301ERTH
Weight: 2.34 pounds
Dimensions : 13.3 x 8.5 x 4.6 inches
Rating : 2.9 / 5.0

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