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Men's Water Sandals

If you're planning on hiking across rocky rivers, walking on shell encrusted beaches or boating on a lake this year, your feet will thank you if you clad them in a pair of these men's water sandals. Offering superior traction on slippery surfaces as well as protection from sharp and hard objects, they will let you enjoy any outdoor adventure comfortably.

So What If A River Runs Through It

In the town where I grew up, a small river running the long length of our park system ended in a pair of waterfalls before passing out of town and continuing its flow underground. At the point of the drop, the park's designer had built an island of sorts that caused the river to split, creating two separate falls from one source.

As a kid, reaching the island was a kind of dream, as the water was knee-high to anyone under 10-years-old, and it was–according to our parents and a few of the bigger kids–populated with vicious snapping turtles. The turtle story turned out to be a lie, for the most part, but the water was high and there was no bridge to cross.

One summer's day during a long spell between rains, the water level had dropped enough to reveal the tops of a pattern of stones running from the banks of the river straight out to the island. Without hesitating, we all made our way across on the stones. They were slippery, though, and none of us had the time or the inclination to research better footwear options than whatever we all happened to be wearing. I wasn't the first one to fall into the water, but I also wasn't the last.

We had on a combination of Converse All-stars, Keds, and Airwalk sneakers, none of which had any decent kind of grip to their bottoms, and all of which, once soaked with river water, were more or less ruined. If we'd had any of the water sandals on our top ten list with us, we might not have even fallen to begin with. If we had fallen, anyway, the sandals would have been fine and our legs would have dried out in just a few short minutes.

That's because these men's water sandals all share a porousness: holes either small or large in stature that allows them to drain water and dry out with incredible effectiveness. When moisture of any kind is trapped in a shoe, there is limited airflow, which inhibits evaporation. But within a porous show structure, airflow is maximized, and, therefore, so is evaporation.

That means that these shoes can stand up to anything from a sweaty foot to full submersion underwater and last longer–while getting your feet drier sooner–than anything else on the market.

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